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The professional team at Global Health Center is dedicated to help you make an informed decision about your health care by providing you with accurate information about your health condition. We continually strive to improve our services and care. We use gentle techniques to suit all ages (from delicate newborns to osteoporotic elders) and lifestyles (from sedentary to athletes).

Conveniently located in Kuta, we provide modern techniques and professional care at affordable prices.

If you and your loved ones suffer from back pain, neck pain, headache, migraine, pins and needles, scoliosis, disc problems, sports injuries and more, relief may just be a phone call away. Put yourself in the hands of internationally trained and expert Biomechanical Therapists.

Biomechanical Therapy is a popular, natural, drugless health care profession. It dedicates itself to restoring and maintaining health, using the body’s self healing ability. Biomechanical Therapy offers patients a non invasive and natural approach with the benefits of a modern and rigorous scientific foundation.

Your Biomechanical Therapist is a spine and joint specialist. His interest lies in the relationship between the locomotor system (articulations and muscles) and the nervous system and the incidence it can have on health: headaches, migraine, sciatica, low back pain, infantile colic, carpal tunnel syndrome to name a few. By detecting and correcting possible causes of articular problems and nerve irritation, we help to restore, maintain and enhance your health.

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